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 CEPS Telecon Talks

 Julie Moses

 11 April 2012

 Exoplanet composition

 Dean Hines

 21 November 2013

 Planetary systems associated with White Dwarf stars

 Mike Wolff

 3 March 2014

 Radiative transfer in exoplanets

 Savita Mathur

 23 October 2015

 Asteroseismology (link)

 Julie Moses

 18 November 2015

 Chemistry of directly imaged planets (link)

 Wilson Cauley

 22 January 2016

 Bow shock leading to a speeding hot Jupiter (link)

 Travis Metcalfe

 12 February 2016

 Weakened magnetic braking as the origin of anomalously rapid rotation in old field stars (link)

 Mike Sitko

 27 April 2016

 Adventures in high spatial resolution astrophysics (link)

 Channon Visscher

 17 June 2016

 Cloud chemistry in substellar atmospheres (link)

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