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Padma A. Yanamandra-Fisher
SSI Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Padma Yanamandra-Fisher studies the nature of light scattering in various media pertaining to the solar system. Her current research focusses on seasonal and temporal changes on Jupiter and Saturn and understanding the thermophysical properties of solar system ices, including observations and models. Her observational program involves acquisition of data from various facilities such as NASA/IRTF, NOAJ/Subaru and ESO/VLT. Various modeling efforts include radiative transfer methods and statistical approaches to multi-dimensional, multi-spectral data sets. Complemtary to active research, Padma also participates in various education/outreach efforts (informal education, mentoring of students, organizing outreach sessions at scientific meetings and reviewer of NASA education products). Padma has expanded her research to include polarimetry in remote sensing of planetary systems, exoplanetary atmospheres and integration of social media in her outreach efforts.

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