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Julianne I. Moses
Professional Background


1991     Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Planetary Science and Geophysics
1985     A.B., Cornell University, Physics, with honors



2010-present     Senior Research Scientist, Space Science Institute, Boulder, CO (Seabrook, TX branch)
1994-2010        Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX
1992-1994        NRC Research Associate, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Synergistic Activities:

  • Director, SSI's Center for Extrasolar Planetary Systems (2013-2015)

  • Co-Investigator, Io Volcano Observatory (Alfred McEwen, P.I.), proposed NASA Discovery mission (2014-present)

  • Editorial Board, Icarus  (2009-2011)

  • Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets  (2003-2007)

  • Committee Member, NASA Planetary Systems Science Management Operations Working Group  (PSS-MOWG, 2007-2010)

  • Committee Chair, JGR-Planets Editor Search Committee (2010)

  • Director, LPI Summer Intern Program  (2004-2010)

  • Board Member, Cassini Senior Review (2009)

  • Scientific Organizing and/or Program Committees, DPS meeting (2004), Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (1995-1997, 2003-2005, 2009-2010), Planetary Atmospheres Workshop (2007), Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets Workshop (2007)

  • Steering Committee, NASA Outer Planet Assessment Group (2005-2007)

  • Committee Member, Giant Planets Panel, NAS/NRC Solar System Exploration Survey "Decadal Study" (2001-2002)

  • Nominating Subcommittee, Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society (2001-2003)

  • Science team member, Fast Infrared Exoplanet Spectroscopy Survey Explorer (FINESSE) (M. Swain, P.I.), proposed NASA Explorers Program mission -- not selected, 2013

  • Science team member, Exoplanet Characterization Observatory (EChO) (G. Tinetti, P.I.), proposed ESA Cosmic Visions mission -- not selected (2010-2014)

  • Science Co-Investigator, proposed HIRIMS instrument (T. Fouchet, P.I.) for ESA's JUICE mission -- not selected, 2012

  • Collaborator, proposed JSTIM instrument (P. Irwin, P.I.) for ESA's JUICE mission -- not selected, 2012

  • Discipline Leader, International Jupiter Watch: Laboratory and Theory Discipline  (1998-2003)

  • PDS Atmospheres Node Advisory Group (1996-present)

  • Advisor, LPI Summer Intern Program (1995, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007-2009, 2012, 2014)

  • Science fair judge, Clear Creek Independent School District (2011-present)

  • "Making a Difference" award (SSI, 2014)

  • Top Reviewer Award, Icarus (1992-1993)

  • NASA Graduate Student Research Fellowship (Caltech, 1987-1990)

  • Earle C. Anthony Graduate Fellowship (Caltech, 1985-1986)

  • Phi Beta Kappa (Cornell, 1985)

  • Hartmann Prize in Experimental Physics (Cornell, 1985)

  • Panel Chief, NASA Outer Planets Research Program Review Panel

  • Panel Chief, NASA Mission Instrument Review Panel

  • Panel Member, proposal review panels for NASA Solar System Workings Program, NASA Planetary Atmospheres Program, NASA Cassini Data Analysis Program, NASA Planetary Astronomy Program, NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Program, NASA Mission Review Panels, NASA Instrument Review Panels, NASA Interdisciplinary Exploration Science Program, Hubble Space Telescope Selection Program, NASA Jupiter Data Analysis Program Review Panel (typically 1-2 panels per year)

  • Research advisor for undergraduate students Katherine Rawlins, Stephen F. Bass, Veronica L. LaMothe, Amanda G. Sharp, Renee D. Naphas, Justin Troyer, Ayesha Mahmud, Aubrey D. Sperier, Sarah Saslow, Molly D. Richardson, Ellie Armstrong, and for postdocs Thomas K. Greathouse and Channon Visscher

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